19/20 IB Math AA HL IA

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본 문서는 2023년 IB Math AA HL 과목으로 제출했던 IA입니다. 주제는 Modeling South Korea’s business cycle through the Fourier Series
이였고 점수는 19/20 을 받았습니다.



In this paper, I will be using the Fourier Series to model the business cycle – a graph I learnt in IB Economics. Business cycles are utilized in economics to describe the fluctuations of GDP throughout periods of time. Its theoretical model outlines periodic cycles of upswings and downswings in GDP in the short term based on a long-term linear line that determines the long term growth trend as seen in Figure 1. Hence, business cycles can provide predictions of the future GDP if under the assumption that the GDP reflects the cyclic motions of its trend (Prateek Agarwal).


In economics, the term ceteris paribus is defined as keeping all other conditions equal, and it is used to assume a theoretical representation of economic models. In reality, it is entirely plausible that the trends in GDP across different countries do not accurately follow the periodic swings in the business cycle. Recognizing this potential disparity in trends, I wanted to investigate the extent of the accuracy of periodic models (as suggested by the business cycle) in predicting the real GDP of countries; I wanted to see if the theory we learnt in class would align with reality and if it would at high confidence levels…


  • 총 페이지수: 26 pages
  • 과목명: Mathematics
  • 주제: Modeling South Korea’s business cycle through the Fourier Series
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19/20 IB Math AA HL IA

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