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IB 채점관인 선생님한테도 20/20점으로 7점을 받고, 실제 IB moderation 후에도 7점이 나온 수학 AA IA입니다. 흠없고 간결하게 쓰려고 몇십번씩 고안하고 수정한 에세이기에 IA를 어떻게 써야할지 감을 못잡은 학생들도 제 IA를 보면 아 이렇게 쓰는거구나 라고 이해하고 방향을 잡을 수 있을것이라고 생각합니다.



A Visualization of Euler’s Identity in the Complex Plane



KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid”. This principle had been in instilled in the minds of engineers, technicians, and mathematicians around the globe. Dubbed the KISS Principle, it states that for any single problem, an elegant and beautiful solution can be made possible, regardless of the problem’s complexity. The only criterion to meet; simplicity and stupidity. As an aspiring computer scientist, this principle had been instilled in me since my introduction to the discipline of computing. The idea of a simple, elegant, and beautiful solution for any problem sounds enticing, and yet it works! For any problem that I approach, I am able to compute it through the KISS principle. Take the Fibonacci Sequence, a fascinating topic for both mathematicians and computer scientists for its simple, recursive nature. Another famous example is the Collatz Conjecture. Though unproved, mathematicians still marvel at it due to how such a simple set of functions could affect number theory, and computer scientists adore it due to how easy the results are to compute. There are numerous times where I would have not been able to solve problems had it not been for the principle. However, as versatile as the KISS Principle is in allowing for the understanding of nearly any topic, there is yet one problem in which it has failed me – Euler’s Identity. Consider the identity below…


  • 총 페이지수: 14 pages
  • 과목명: Mathematics
  • 주제: A Visualization of Euler’s Identity in the Complex Plane
  • The file is in PDF format. 
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20/20 Math AA IA + Feedback

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