2021 May English A Literature SL IO

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Macbeth와 Antigone를 비교했습니다. 당시 반에서 가장 잘한 IO로 선정되었고, 학교 선생님께서 후배들에게 잘한 예시로 틀어주셨던 IO의 script입니다. 제가 당시 예측했던 질문과 답도 포함되어 있습니다.



In this individual oral, I will address how hubris leads to self-destruction. Within many societies, the idea of hubris has been a collective warning against the excessive power of a single
individual. The idea of hubris as a major flaw of mankind has no boundaries in terms of time period and culture, as demonstrated by the two different works I will analyze.

The first text I selected as the work in translation is Sophocles’ Antigone from the Oedipus trilogy, written and performed during the Golden Age of Athens. I will focus on how Sophocles uses analogy and allusion to highlight the destructive nature of hubris through a conceited character Creon. Creon’s exchange with Haemon in Scene 3 is a clear demonstration of how Creon desires absolute power that can never be questioned.

The second extract is derived from William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth”, written and performed during the reign of King James. The extract I will analyze in Act 5 Scene 5 shows how
Macbeth begins to oscillate between excessive pride and complete submission to guilt and fear. I will then focus on how Shakespeare employs metaphor, assonance, and end rhymes to emphasize the futility of excessive pride…


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  • 주제: English A Literature SL IO
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2021 May English A Literature SL IO

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