(7) Business and Management IA May 2022 – Grade 7

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본 문서는 가장 최근 2022년 May에 제출된 Business and Management IA이며, 7을 받았습니다.
Non-exam route로 IA 비중이 급격히 커졌음에 불구하고 공식 IBO에서도 최종 7을 받은 IA입니다.

선정한 Research question은 What role did promotion and place strategies play in increasing the revenue and brand value of Fila in the sports market?입니다.
SWOT, Position perception map, Marketing mix, Ratio analysis 등 다양한 분석과 자료들을 사용하여 RQ를 증명해 보였습니다.



IBDP Business Management Standard Level

Internal Assessment: Commentary




How FILA transformed its e-commerce approach



The century-old sportswear brand hadn’t invested much in e-commerce. Then COVID-19 hit.

The pandemic has forced retailers to shift their businesses online—and century-old sportswear brand FILA is no different.

While FILA had a website, it hadn’t invested much into e-commerce in the past, instead relying on a strong wholesale business. In January, the brand hired Dawn Trenson as its first VP of ecommerce to develop an online sales strategy in North America.

It turned out to be a prescient move. When COVID-19 hit the U.S. two months later, a savvy e-commerce strategy became all the more important for FILA.

FILA had invested in the back-end of its website to enable online sales, but the site ”appeared to not be designed for conversion or customer experience, and there was no brand storytelling,” Trenson said. “So even if I had inventory, I didn’t have any way to present it.”

FILA brought in consulting firm Capgemini to work on a site redesign that aimed to transform how the brand presented its products to consumers online. At the time, the site was missing basic user experience elements, such as recommending a sweatshirt to go with a pair of pants someone might be browsing…



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  • 과목명: Business and Management
  • 주제: Business and Management IA
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(7) Business and Management IA May 2022 – Grade 7

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