BIOLOGY HL IA (식물 관련 실험, 점수 따기 좋음) (BIO IA, BIOLOGY)

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본 문서는 2019년에 BIO HL IA 이며, 저는 식물 관련 실험을 진행했습니다. 실험은 매우 체계적으로 진행되었고, 대학 논문의 느낌으로 잘 살렸으며 IA의 취지와도 맞습니다. 학교에서 이 IA를 통해 7점을 받았습니다. 글을 읽어보고 도움 받으시길 바랍니다.




How does different colors of light affect the growth of Lepidium sativum?


Research question: How does different colors of light affect the growth of Lepidium sativum?


Personal engagement
Population has been growing rapidly across the world after the industrial revolution. This caused great demand on producing more food supplies. Therefore, the rate of innovation in agriculture has been increasing rapidly. A great example for this phenomenon is China, where population of China has grown dramatically in five decades. As a student who lived in China for more than ten years, I have always been aware of its giant size of population. Hence, considering that the ability to feed the entire member of the population will continue to be an important issue, I thought of a type of food supply, which is cress. They are easily grown within short period of time and contain many nutrition. In biology class at school, I also learned that light is one of the determining factors for plants to grow. Therefore, from this experiment, I will research the most preferred wavelength of a light for a plant to grow its best under the same circumstances. This experiment will provide me an idea of growing cress plants most efficiently within short period of time, which I can relate this knowledge to the contemporary issue of providing food for the growing population.


Background Information
The experiment is conducted on Lepidium sativum (L. sativum), which is a scientific name for garden cresses (CABI). There are many ways of germinating L. sativum seeds, such as germinating in water and soil. After germination, the plant starts to grow longer on their roots and shoots. In order for plants to undergo growth, they photosynthesize. This process allows plants to produce glucose that provide their own food for growth. For this process to occur, plants acquire carbon dioxide and water from the environment. Most importantly, a particular wavelength of light is absorbed by the organelle in the plant cell called chloroplasts. The absorption spectra are the visible light region that contains red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Considering the diversity of plants, many of them show different colors. There are green plants as well as red plants. This means the absorption spectra for those plants are different. Considering that L. sativum is a green plant, it will follow the similar absorption and action spectra of a green plant as shown in Figure 1. Therefore, this is an assumption that this species will follow the similar absorption and action spectrum…


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  • 과목명: Biology
  • 주제: How does different colors of light affect the growth of Lepidium sativum?
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BIOLOGY HL IA (식물 관련 실험, 점수 따기 좋음) (BIO IA, BIOLOGY)

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