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제가 2019년 졸업학년도 때 썼던 Chemistry HL IA입니다. 저는 7점을 받았고, 덕분에 의대 진학을 할 수 있었습니다. 보시고 도움 되셨으면 좋겠습니다.



Is Korean or Chinese medicine better than Western Medicine?

Determination of amount of hydrochloric acid neutralized by 0.5g of antacids using back titration.

Personal Engagement & Justification

I am a Korean student who currently lives in China and goes to a Western school. Because I stayed in China since when I was in primary school, I experienced Korean, Chinese and Western cultures
simultaneously. My passion in medical science has inspired me to choose chemistry higher-level. Because my dream is to be a pharmacist or doctor, I wanted to experiment with medicines. One day, when I was discussing about my topic for the chemistry internal assessment with my father, he told me that my grandfather often suffers from heartburn. Then I learned from an option topic that a heartburn is caused by an upheaval of HCl (aq), which are then treated by antacids. Normally, he would purchase Korean antacids as he thinks it is the most efficient medicine. Therefore, this inspired me to devise my own experiment on antacids and its efficacy by experimenting with a neutralization reaction of HCl (aq) and antacid tablet. Furthermore, as I have experienced three distinct cultures, I decided to investigate about different antacids from Korean, Chinese and Western cultures, ultimately deciding which antacids from different cultures would be the most efficient antacids. This experiment would allow me to investigate more deeply into medical aspects of chemistry, which are not taught frequently at schools.

Research Question

From my personal engagement, I devised specific research questions;
i) How does the different chemical components of antacid tablets affect the reaction between HCl (aq)?
In answering this question, I also wanted to answer further questions below;
ii) What are the relationships between culture and the efficacy of the antacid tablets?
iii) What cultural factor affects consumers to purchase traditional medicines?


The main goal for this laboratory experiment is to find how much volumes of HCl (aq) has reacted with antacids. Therefore, it requires the knowledge of acid-base titration and pH indicators, which are related to the contents learned in chapter 8: acids and bases. Moreover, as this lab experiments using antacids, it is also related to the contents learned in option D: medicines…


  • 총 페이지수: 13 pages
  • 과목명: Chemistry
  • 주제: Is Korean or Chinese medicine better than Western Medicine?
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