[Econ HL IA] 14/14 Macroeconomics 거시경제학

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Finals 가 취소되어 비중이 매우 컸던 2020 May에 제출한 IA입니다. 14/14점을 받았습니다.



Moon proposes his third supplementary

But the extra spending falls short of the IMF’s 9 trillion won target
Apr 25,2019

The government has proposed a 6.7 trillion won ($5.8 billion) supplementary budget, which will be
more than half funded with treasury bond sales.
It expects the spending will boost economic growth by 0.1 percentage points and reduce fine dust by
7,000 tons on top of the original 10,000 ton reduction goal.
The government expects 73,000 jobs to be created by the supplementary budget…


  • 총 페이지수: 5 pages
  • 과목명: Economics
  • 주제: 2020 May IA
  • The file is in PDF format. 
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[Econ HL IA] 14/14 Macroeconomics 거시경제학

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