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2022-2023년도에 12학년 재학 중 Global economics IA 7 (학교 점수 A*) 받은 자료입니다.

U.S Drops Tariffs on Southeast Asian Solar Panels for 2 years에 관련된 기사입니다.



U.S Drops Tariffs on Southeast Asian Solar Panels for 2 years

Joe Biden, the United States President, is eliminating tariffs on solar panel imports from Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand. According to the White House, this was done “To ensure that the United States has enough modules to meet its electricity generation needs while domestic production ramps up.”

The tariffs on solar panels imported from four Southeast Asian countries will be suspended for two years as part of efforts to address “the urgent problem of a changing climate.” However, China was not included in the agreement.

In December, the Biden Admin used the Uighur Forced Labour Prevention Act to slow down China’s imports. It claimed that Uighurs and children were involved in Polysilicon manufacturing by many Chinese firms from Xinjiangang.

In order to speed up production in the United States, the administration used the Defence Manufacture Act. Federal agency procurements will increase demand. The DPA directive targets domestic products such as building insulation, heat pumps, and fuel cells…


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  • 주제: IB Global Economics IA
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