English B Extended Essay (22/24 (A))

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본 문서는 2020년도에 작성한 English B 과목의 Extended Essay PDF 파일이고, 경영/마케팅/언어/여성인권 등에 관심 있으신 분들께 꼭 추천드립니다. 논문을 작성하기 까지 굉장히 오랜시간 투자한 결과, 22/24점을 획득하고 최종적으로 A를 받았습니다.

제 Research Question 은 “How did ‘Always’ utilize social media to challenge the
stereotyped depictions of women and inspire adolescent girls?“입니다.
저는 여성 인권에 대해 관심이 많아, 미국의 (여성인권보호) 생리대기업 ‘Always’의 광고들에 초점을 맞추어
기업의 광고에서 드러나는 ‘현재 사회의 잘못된 성차별적 언어’에 대해 분석했습니다.
마케팅과 경영 쪽이 진로 분야이기에 기업의 유튜브 광고를 통한 ‘Marketing strategy (경영전략)’에 대해 작성했습니다.

단순히 English B의 메인 핵심인 ‘언어’와 ‘문화’에 집중하는 것에서 벗어나, 제가 좋아하는 기업과 경영 전략을 도입하였기에 정말 재밌고 쉽게 작성할 수 있었습니다. 저와 비슷한 주제 또는 경영 분야 및 광고를 융합시켜 EE를 작성하실 분들에게 강력하게 추천드립니다.



I. Introduction

Over the years, many businesses have utilized media as a cost-effective marketing tool to promote their services and products. They manage their media marketing strategies to generate further engagement and inspiration for target audiences. As more and more competitors and marketers start to cash in on media sensations, such marketing methods have been getting drastically more competitive by the day. ‘Always’ is a feminine-hygiene products’ company that sells items such as cleansing wipes and sanitary pads, created by Procter & Gamble. It is considered a prosperous social brand by successfully engaging young women through its unusual approach on social media. Accordingly, it is critical to explore the brand’s unique method that led to its significant achievement.

The question then arises, how was the marketing strategy of ‘Always’ different from its competitors? For the past 37 years, ‘Always’ has constantly attempted to promote its feminine products by providing worldwide access to puberty education and period protection to adolescent girls on its official website. However, as other companies attempted to engage customers emotionally in a similar direction, ‘Always’ had eventually lost engagement and relevance to women (CampaignUK)…


  • 총 페이지수: 24 pages
  • 과목명: Extended Essay
  • 주제: How did ‘Always’ utilize social media to challenge the stereotyped depictions of women and inspire adolescent girls?
  • The file is in PDF format. 
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English B Extended Essay (22/24 (A))

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