English SL Lang & Lit – Written Task

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연세대학교, NYUAD, HKU, HKUST, McGill, UoT, UBC에 모두 합격했습니다. May 2019시험을 친 후 현재 연세대학교 재학중이며…
본 문서는 2019 English SL Language & Literature Written Task 입니다. Part 2 Language and Mass Media에 관한 주제로 작성을 하였으며 점수는 6점 받았습니다.




This written task focuses on part 2 Language and Mass Communication, specifically, media bias to show an awareness of the potential for ideological influence of the media. These days, media is the primary means of mass communication and is considered a tool for collecting and sharing information amongst us. As the industry grows larger every day, there are more burgeoning concerns than excitement over it. The problem of media misuse has arisen as more and more netizens violate online etiquette, to the point of “witch hunting” certain individuals who are not capable of defending themselves.

In September 2017, a post was shared on the Korean bus network’s bulletin board. It read that a bus driver dropped off a young kid at a bus stop then drove away with her mother. The mother began to cry and asked the driver to drop her off, as she thought she might lose her daughter. But the driver swore at her and kept on driving. After this story was shared, netizens flocked to blame the driver. However, the truth could not be more different…


  • 총 페이지수: 5 pages
  • 과목: English Lang & Lit
  • 주제: Language and Mass Media
  • The file is in PDF format.
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English SL Lang & Lit – Written Task

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