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안녕하세요. 저는 Ib 국제 학교를 졸업 한 학생입니다.
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-English A lit
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저는 공대를 가는게 목포여서 물리를 Extended Essay 과목으로 선택했습니다. Ib 프리딕으로 A가 나온 EE입니다. 구매하고 보시면 EE를 어떻게 써야되는지 감을 팍!!! 아실꺼에요.





I. Introduction

I have always been interested in baseball games, particularly those fascinating different types of breaking balls that don’t travel straight but drop or curve before reaching the batter. It was found by the investigation that there are mainly three types of pitches in baseball; fastballs, breaking balls and changeups (lokeshdhakar, 2019).

When a ball is thrown, several factors could affect the motion of the ball travelling in the air. Among them, the two most important factors are grip and release point. (Physics of Baseball, 2004) The reason why the grip is playing a significant role in the motion of the ball is that the amount and direction of spin on the ball change depending on grip. While the fastballs are thrown with backspin, the breaking balls with topspin (Refer to Figure 1)…


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  • 과목명: Extended Essay
  • 주제: Measuring Mangus Force using a Simple Device
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Extended Essay 물리 M20

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