[Geography 숙제] Resource Exploitation

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[본문 내용]

Discuss the ways that the consumption of resources by MEDCs have environmental, social, and economic consequences in LEDCs. In your answer, refer to specific examples. (15 marks)

Consumption level of resources by MEDCs is high as they want the resources and use them. As they recognize the natural resource reserve in their countries are running out, they exploit natural resources of LEDCs so that they can conserve their resources of own countries. Many LEDCs are rich in natural resources such as oil, timber, gold, and coltan. LEDCs exploit their natural resources and export them to foreign countries as this is the way of developing their nation economically. Particularly, many LEDCs are getting pressure to increase their GNPs as soon as possible to help pay back their large debts.

Exploiting natural resources and exporting them to MEDCs can be good chance for LEDC to improve national economy and the lives of poor people. However, local people rarely see the profits because of a lack of transparency and bad governance, and mismanagement of revenues from natural resources. In Angola and Nigeria, the country’s natural resources are being extracted by foreign companies. The benefits from the extraction of these resources are flowing out of the country to the personal accounts of people in power in foreign companies…


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  • 주제: Resource exploitation
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[Geography 숙제] Resource Exploitation

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