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Q. Evaluate the role of tourism as a strategy to encourage economic development in LEDCs (20 marks)

I think that developing tourism as a strategy to encourage economic development in LEDCs has both positive and negative aspects.

Tourism may greatly encourage economic development in LEDCs. Tourism can make significant contributions to the GDP of LEDC. Tourism creates employment such as in hotels, transport, food sales, and cleaning sector. Many jobs are also provided to local people when foreign investments lead to large-scale capital projects such as hotel constructions. Being employed in tourism-related businesses will greatly improve people’s living standard in LEDCs as they now can use their money that they earned to buy better quality food, send their kids to school, and go to hospital when sick. Getting education, basic health care, and food are basic but essential to improve one’s lives. So income earned from working will help individuals to be healthy and educated which makes the country’s future bright as these people will be able to work hard and contribute to the country’s economy actively. Also, people will learn some valuable skills and gain knowledge while working in tourism businesses such as management skills. They can carry these skills with them and find better jobs in the future. This will enable them to remain economically active and to contribute the local economy actively even in the future. In this aspect, economic benefits from tourism industries is long-term…


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[Geography 숙제] Tourism

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