Geography sl IA may 2018 ( received 7)

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Tourism business district




      A. Fieldwork Question and Geographic Context

           i) Fieldwork question: Which part of Ulaanbaatar city is the tourism business district TBD? Does it follow the characteristics of TBD?

           ii) Geographic context

Mongolia is a country located in East Asia. Its tourism industry has been growing tremendously in recent years. Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, is where all foreign tourists visit because it contains the only international airport in Mongolia and its various tourist attractions. Ulaanbaatar has population of approximately 1.3 million[1] and the area of 4704 km² which divided into 9 administrative districts called Duureg[2].

A Tourism Business District (TBD) is the main centre of tourist activities and facilities within an urban area and it often coincides with CBD (Central Business District). Ulaanbaatar follows the concentric zone model which the center of the city places on the illustrated point on figure 1.1. There are possible TBD zones in Ulaanbaatar where it coincides with the CBD zone; however it is not clearly defined…


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  • 과목명: Geography
  • 주제: Delimiting the Tourism Business District (TBD) of Ulaanbaataar.
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Geography sl IA may 2018 ( received 7)

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