History HL IA (GRADE 7)

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History HL IA는 23/25점을 맞았고 교내 최고점을 취득하여 IB 에 moderation을 위해 보내졌고 점수 유지되었습니다.
2019년 May exam에 평가되었고, Section A, B,C 다 포함해서 드립니다.

자칫 narrative 되어 Analysis 부분에서 점수가 많이 깎일 수 있는 부분들이 염려 되신 다면, 이 에세이를 참고하셔서 워딩 부분과 어휘 선택 그리고 구조를 어떻게 잡았는지를 보시면 감이 오셔서, 좋은 참고 자료가 되시리라 생각됩니다.
주제 선택을 앞두고 고민하시는 학생분들 께서도 전반적인 흐름과 각 세부적인 주제에 대한 깊이를 보시면, 분량과 깊이를 고려하여 주제 선택을 하고, 앞으로 작성을 하시는데도 훨씬 수월 하실 겁니다.
2019년 최신년도에 평가된 Essay 이기 때문에, 관련성과 활용도가 높으리라 생각됩니다.



Section A : Identification and Evaluation of Sources

This investigation examines the research question, “ To what extent was the Sino-Soviet split of 1960s a pivotal factor in the launch of the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76?” The implications of Sino-soviet split and the aims of Cultural Revolution will be compared with other factors to examine its significance.

A speech by Chinese General, Lin Biao at the celebration rally in 1966 October 1st, presenting the official rationale of the Cultural Revolution is relevant to this investigation as it provides the Chinese perspective on the significance of the Cultural Revolution, in relation to Mao Zedong’s thought.

A value of the origin is that Lin Biao was a prominent figure in directing the Cultural Revolution, which therefore, provides credible information of the official rationale presented by the Chinese government. The purpose has value as it was intended to impress upon the Chinese the aims of the Cultural Revolution; it gives an insight into the significance of the motivating factors in proceeding with the Cultural Revolution. A value of the content is that it represents the thoughts of Mao as Lin Biao was a Mao loyalist, which therefore, provides insight into Mao’s personal motives for the Cultural Revolution. A limitation of the origin is that Lin Biao was compelled to convey the thoughts focused on Mao, which limits in providing his perspective…


  • 총 페이지수: 13 pages
  • 과목명: History
  • 주제: To what extent was the Sino-Soviet split of 1960s a pivotal factor in the launch of the Cultural revolution of 1966-76?
  • The file is in PDF format.
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History HL IA (GRADE 7)

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