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7/7점을 받은 IA입니다. The effect pf bromelain on a mass of gelatin로, 과외를 받아 작성하여 도움이 많이 되실 것입니다.모든 실험 결과들이 완벽하게 나왔으며 . 구하기 쉬운 재료로 진행된 ia이기에, 같은 주제로 진행하셔도 최상의 ia를 작성하실 때 도움 많이 될 것 입니다.



The effect of blended Ananas comosus juice concentration (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) at pH 7 (±0.1pH) on a mass of gelatin for 1 hour 30 minutes (±0.5ms)

Introduction / Background Information

Proteins are molecules composed of one or more, unbranched linear chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds during condensation reaction (Reusch, 2010). More than 20 amino acids’ characteristics determine the 3D structure and function of proteins. Enzymes are proteins with catalytic capabilities, that carry out metabolic processes and other chemical reactions (Austin, 2022). Bromelains are enzymes with anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, and fibrinolytic properties (Galanakis, 2021) that are found in the fruit and stem of the Ananas comosus. Ananas comosus protect itself by melting the protein of predators (Cheng, 2019) through bromelain. Bromelains contain cysteine proteinase and peptide-bond hydrolases that use a cysteine side chain as the nucleophile in peptide-bond hydrolysis (Buttle and Mort, 2013). It processes hydrolysis(Katyal and Morrison, 2007) to break internal peptide bonds of the protein chain (Wijeratnam, 2016) and catalyze protein digestion (Martins et al,2014). A protein specific to an enzyme binds to the active site, a region of the enzyme that matches chemically and structurally only to specific substrates (Singh et al, 2019) in hydrolysis. The enzyme activity rate increases when substrate concentration increases as more substrates can collide. Therefore the chance of successful collision, the substrate, and active site correctly aligned to allow binding to take place, increases (Kumar, 2015).

Beef-based gelatins are soluble albumin-like protein-based substances including collagen. As Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that digests protein, it is expected that the digestion of gelatin will be catalyzed when incubated in Ananas comosus juice that contains bromelain. Therefore, it is expected that the mass loss of gelatin should have a positive correlation with Ananas comosus juice concentrations.

Even though Ananas comosus is often used in the industry to marinate and tenderize meat, obtaining purely isolated bromelain is difficult in households, therefore its juice containing digestive enzymes is commonly mixed with water and used. For this reason, I was interested in identifying the optimal concentration to use if using fruits containing the protein digestion enzyme is actually effective…


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  • 과목명: Biology
  • 주제: The effect of blended Ananas comosus juice concentration at pH 7 on a mass of gelatin for 1 hour 30 minutes
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