IB Business Management HL Notes (UNIT 2)

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본 문서는 제가 직접 작성한 IB BM HL Notes (UNIT 2) 입니다. 전 BM SL 을 이수했지만 HL 을 이수하는 친구들과의 대화를 통해서 중요한 내용들만 페이퍼 분석을 함께 병행하면서 최대한 간단하게 요점을 노트로 정리했습니다. 공부하실때 사용하시면 도움이 될 것입니다.




Non-financial rewards

Job enrichment
: job enrichment (or vertical loading) gives workers more challenging jobs with more
responsibilities. Hence, people have greater autonomy and authority in their work and have better opportunities to accomplish their jobs. It can also result in the psychological growth of workers, so they become more committed to their work. Furthermore, the ability to do a range of tasks means that workers have a better sense of achievement
: a limitation of job enrichment is the added expenses of time and money needed to train and develop workers to fulfil these extra responsibilities of their job. Another drawback is job enlargement increases the workload of employees which can result in anxiety, stress and lower productivity. Managers must also ensure that jobs are not too challenging or too complex for an employee who does not have the right skills set because it will not only lead to disastrous outcomes, but can also destroy the confidence and morale of the worker


Job rotation
: job rotation is a type of job enlargement that involves workers performing different tasks at the same level of complexity in a systematic way. This means that employees perform a number of different tasks in order
: the intention of job rotation is to provide more variety to avoid the problems of
overspecialization. Job rotation also makes it easier for people to cover for absent colleagues as they become more familiar with a breadth of tasks. However, multiskilling requires greater training costs and can be regarded by some employees as simply adding to their workload without real career development opportunities…


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IB Business Management HL Notes (UNIT 2)

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