IB Business Management HL Notes (UNIT 3)

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본 문서는 제가 직접 작성한 IB BM HL Notes (UNIT 3) 입니다. 전 BM SL 을 이수했지만 HL 을 이수하는 친구들과의 대화를 통해서 중요한 내용들만 페이퍼 분석을 함께 병행하면서 최대한 간단하게 요점을 노트로 정리했습니다. 특히나 UNIT 3 는 past papers 는 계산하는 문제들이 많이 등장하니 제 노트 뿐만 아니라 많은 페이퍼 연습을 하기를 권장합니다. 공부하실때 사용하시면 도움이 될 것입니다.




Cost and profit centers

: costs and revenues from different areas of the business become harder to account for. Hence,
different sections of the business are divided up into either cost centers or profit centers with a
manager being held responsible for the costs and/or revenues incurred for each department (or

: a cost center is a department or unit of a business that incurs costs but is not involved in
making any profit. These costs are clearly attributed to the activities of that department, e.g.
salaries, wages, lighting, components and capital expenditure. Making these different sections
of a business aware and accountable for their contribution towards the firm’s costs can help
managers to have better cost control. Hence, a manger will be assigned to monitor and manage
the expenditure of each cost center. This allows the business to see which centers are costing
the firm the most money

: a profit center is a department or unit of a business that incurs both costs and revenues. Profit
centers tend to be used by large diversified businesses that have a broad product mix. Each
profit center is responsible for contributing to the overall profits of the business. Alternatively,
it might be based on the source of revenue, such as private banking, commercial banking,
foreign exchange, mortgages, loans, insurance and financial planning. Having profit centers
allows an organization to identify the areas that generate the most (and least) revenues.
Ultimately, improved financial accountability and efficiency lead to improved cost control and
therefore higher profits for the business

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