IB Business Management HL Notes (UNIT 4)

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본 문서는 제가 직접 작성한 IB BM HL Notes (UNIT 4) 입니다. 전 BM SL 을 이수했지만 HL 을 이수하는 친구들과의 대화를 통해서 중요한 내용들만 페이퍼 분석을 함께 병행하면서 최대한 간단하게 요점을 노트로 정리했습니다. 공부하실때 사용하시면 도움이 될 것입니다.



Qualitative and quantitative market research
: the main purpose of using qualitative data is to understand the behavior, attitudes and
perceptions of customers, employees or other respondents. The two main types of qualitative
research methods are focus groups and in-depth interviews
: quantitative market research relies on a much larger number of responses to get ‘hard’ answers.
Like qualitative market research, it involves using a representative sample to gauge the views
of the population. Two quantitative techniques found in primary research (such as surveys and
questionnaires) are;
Ø Closed questions which allow respondents to choose from a given list of options, e.g.
gender, age group, income level, true or false questions, and multiple choice questions
Ø Ranking or sliding scales which are used to ask customers to rank options, e.g. the
extent to which they agree with a given statement


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IB Business Management HL Notes (UNIT 4)

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