IB Business Management HL Notes (UNIT 5)

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Methods of lean production
Kaizen (continuous improvement)
: kaizen is the Japanese word for a philosophy of continuous improvement. Hence, kaizen
comes about by changing for the better. It has become a widespread approach in the workplace
where workers and managers constantly try to find ways to improve work processes and
: the concept of kaizen is therefore a process of productivity and efficiency gains that come
from small and continuous improvements being made, rather than a large one-off improvement
: the kaizen process involves forming small groups of employees whose role is to identify
changes and improvements to the organization’s products, processes and procedures. The aim
is to establish a steady flow of small improvements rather than one-off and/or radical changes.
This is partly because people tend to be resistant to change, especially change that is large scale
and disruptive to the organization. Kaizen groups do not tend to directly look at cost cutting;
the focus remains on continual


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IB Business Management HL Notes (UNIT 5)

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