IB Chemistry Ch 1 Stoichiometric Relationship Notes

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IB Chemistry SL 1단원에 필요한 모든 개념들을 보기 쉽게 정리한 요약본 ppt 파일입니다. 간단한 예시와 정답 풀이도 있으니 개념 공부하는 데 도움이 될거에요.



(3페이지) What is atom?

All substances are made up of one or more elements.
An element cannot be broken down by any chemical process into anything simpler. Atom: the smallest part of an element
✩Atoms of an element may have different number of neutrons (isotopes)
∴ Each isotope is an atom

The atomic theory states that all matter is composed of atoms. These atoms cannot be created or destroyed, and are rearranged during chemical reactions. Physical and chemical properties of matter depend on the bonding and arrangement of these atoms.


(24페이지) Kinetic theory of gases

Kinetic theory of gases is a model used to predict the behavior of gases at microscopic level. (for hypothetical ideal gas)

4 assumptions!

  • –  Gases are made up of very small particles, separated by large distance. Each particle is a point mass with no mass.
  • –  Gas molecules move in straight lines but in random directions.
  • –  Gases undergo elastic collision with each other and the walls of the container. Kineticenergy is conserved.-  Each gas particle exert no attraction/repulsion force on other gas particles.

    (intermolecular force = 0)


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IB Chemistry Ch 1 Stoichiometric Relationship Notes

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