IB Chemistry Ch 2 Atomic Structure Notes

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(3페이지) Atomic Theory

Greek philosopher Democritus conceived that matter was composed of indivisible particles. However, there was no concrete scientific evidence to this statement.

John Dalton developed an atomic model called Dalton’s atomic theory

–  Postulate 1: All matters consist of very small particles called atoms.

–  Postulate 2: An element consists of only one type of atoms.

–  Postulate 3: Compounds consist of more than one element, and formed by combining

atoms in whole-number ratio.

–  Postulate 4: Atoms cannot be created or destroyed.


(45페이지) Electron Configuration

Electron configuration: how electrons are distributed in sublevels
Pauli exclusion principle: no two electrons in the same atom can have exactly the same

quantum numbers → any orbital can hold a maximum of 2 electrons with opposite spin

∴ s orbital can have 2 electrons, p orbital 6 e−, d orbital 10 e−, and f orbital 14 e−

Aufbau principle: electron fills the lowest available energy level first

Hund’s rule: electrons fill the orbitals singly and pair up only when all the orbitals are already singly filled

Madelung’s rule (n+l rule): the orbital with smaller n+l is lower in energy
If two orbitals have the same n+l value, the one with smaller n is lower in energy


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IB Chemistry Ch 2 Atomic Structure Notes

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