IB Chemistry Ch 3 Periodicity Notes

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IB Chemistry SL 3단원에 필요한 모든 개념들을 보기 쉽게 정리한 요약본 ppt 파일입니다. 간단한 예시와 정답 풀이도 있으니 개념 공부하는 데 도움이 될거에요.



(4페이지) Metals, Non-metals, Metalloids


  • –  Good conductors of heat and electricity
  • –  Malleable (capable of being hammered into thin sheets)
  • –  Ductile (capable of being drawn into wires)
  • –  Luster (shiny)
  • –  Typically, they are oxidized in chemical reactions (lose electrons)

    All metals are solids except for Mercury (Hg), which is stable in liquid state.
    Hg can dissolve many other metals → this solution is referred to as amalgams (extra)


(34페이지) Chemical properties in Group 1: Alkali metals: example

The alkali metals are found in group 1 of the periodic table of elements.

  1. a)  State the full electron configuration of K and its ion, K+.
  2. b)  Describe what you understand by the first ionization energy.
  3. c)  State and explain how the first ionization energies of the alkali metals vary going down group 1.
  4. d)  Explain why the ionic radius of K+ is smaller than the atomic radius of the parent atom, K.
  5. e)  Suggest why you should never touch an alkali metal with your fingers when working in the laboratory.


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IB Chemistry Ch 3 Periodicity Notes

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