IB Chemistry Ch 4 Chemical Bonding Notes

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(2페이지) Ionic Bonding

Ion: substance formed when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another → usually to form a noble gas configuration (stable)

Oxidize: loss of an electron → cation

Reduce: gain of an electron → anion

Ionic bond: electrostatic attraction between the cation (positively charged) and anion (negatively charged)

– Generally, between metals and nonmetals


(44페이지) Conductivity and Malleability in Metals


  • –  Metals are good conductors of electricity because of the mobile delocalized electrons. These mobile electrons can carry an electric current through the metallic structure.
  • –  The presence of impurities can restrict the movement of electrons through the metal, resulting in electrical resistance.

    Malleability: ability to be hammered into a sheet or other shapes without breaking

– Cations in metals can slide past one another, resulting in a rearrangement of the shape.

Ductility: ability to deform under tensile stress. ex. able to stretch into a wire


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IB Chemistry Ch 4 Chemical Bonding Notes

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