IB Chemistry Ch 5 Energetics and Thermodynamic Notes

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IB Chemistry SL 5단원에 필요한 모든 개념들을 보기 쉽게 정리한 요약본 ppt 파일입니다. 간단한 예시와 정답 풀이도 있으니 개념 공부하는 데 도움이 될거에요.



(2페이지) What is Thermodynamics?

Thermodynamics: the study of energy and how it is interconverted EXTRA

First law of thermodynamics: total energy of an isolated system is constant
Isolated system: both matter and energy cannot be exchanged with the surroundings

Second law of thermodynamics: total entropy of a system can never decrease over time
Third law of thermodynamics: the entropy of a perfect crystal is 0 at absolute zero temperature

IB does not require you to remember these laws


(16페이지) Hess’s law

Hess’s law: regardless to the route by which a chemical reaction proceeds, the enthalpy change will always be the same providing the initial and final states of the system are same (∵ H is state function)


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IB Chemistry Ch 5 Energetics and Thermodynamic Notes

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