IB Chemistry Ch 6 Chemical Kinetics Notes

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(6페이지) Kinetic molecular theory of gases

Kinetic molecular theory of gases explains the behavior of ideal gases (PV = nRT)

  1. Gases consist of a large number of particles, which are moving at high velocities in random directions.
  2. The size of gaseous particles is negligible, despite having mass.
  3. Collisions between one gaseous particle and another are completely elastic; that is, when

    particles collide, there is no net loss of energy and momentum.

  4. The average kinetic energy of the particles is proportional to the absolute temperature in



(16페이지) Measuring the rate of chemical reaction

1. Change in pH

– for acid – base reactions

2. Change in conductivity

– for reactions involving electrolytes (when net number of ions changes during the reaction)

3. Change in mass or volume

– for reactions involving gases

4. Change in color

– for reactions involving transition metals or other colored compounds


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IB Chemistry Ch 6 Chemical Kinetics Notes

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