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본 문서는 2022년 IB에 제출되여 최종 7점을 받은 IB Chemistry HL IA입니다.



Effect of UV Light Intensity on Degradation Rate of Alizarin Red S

Research Question: What is the effect of UV light intensity (8.4 −2, 11.6 −2, 17.2 −2, 28.1 −2, 53.8 −2), altered by the distance between UV lamp and dye, on the rate of Alizarin Red S degradation with zinc oxide catalyst measured by absorption?


As a person with a great interest in fashion, I enjoy window shopping on a regular basis. Despite the relatively short intervals between each visit to the stores, I have noticed that the
clothing displayed is nearly always renewed. While I do enjoy seeing new clothing lines, this fastfashion culture worries me as it indicates that clothing is being rapidly produced, which inevitably would create waste that is harmful to the environment. From an interview of a fashion designer, I have read that the textile industry is a major polluter of water bodies due to wastewater from dyes. Over 700,000 tons of synthetic dye is produced annually and an estimated 20% of that dye is discharged directly into water bodies without any treatment due to technical challenges and economic cost. When discharged, the toxic dye is likely to remain in the environment for a long time instead of degrading due to the high stability of dye under natural conditions (Berradi et al.).

One way dyes could be broken down into harmless products such as carbon dioxide or water is through an advanced oxidation process, which is the production of active oxidizing agent
radicals (Lam). Because dyes are resistant to degradation in natural conditions, photocatalysts, sunlight, and oxygen are needed to carry out the advanced oxidation process (Schroecker). As sunlight and oxygen are renewable, this process seemed like an economical and sustainable method of treating dye wastewater, but I was still unsure of the sunlight’s intensity required for this process to be applicable, or for greater efficiency, optimal. Hence, I wanted to conduct this lab to find out the relationship between the intensity of UV light and photodegradation of dye with the presence of a photocatalyst…


  • 총 페이지수: 14 pages
  • 과목명: Chemistry
  • 주제: Effect of UV Light Intensity on Degradation Rate of Alizarin Red S
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IB Chemistry HL IA 7점

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