IB Chemistry Paper 2 Model answers from All past papers and expected questions

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Question bank 및 2016 년부터 2020 년까지의 past paper 에서 나왔던 모든 문제 유형들을 정리한 자료입니다. IB 화학에서 paper 2 문제는 나올 수 있는 유형이 한정되어 있습니다. 또한 문제별로 IB가 원하는 단어들 및 답안 구조가 정해져 있기 때문에 이를 분석해서 50 페이지 내로 단원별로 모범 답안을 만들었습니다. 아직 나온적은 없지만 syllabus에 있는 내용으로 나올 수 있는 예상 문제들도 추가해 놓았습니다. 실제 Markscheme 에 나온 내용을 바탕으로 만들었기에 이 문서에 나와있는 대로만 작성하면 됩니다.






This textbook is designed to help you understand how each mark is awarded in Paper 2 questions. Most of the answer forms are directly extracted from the actual Markscheme from 2016–2020 papers. Some are, however, made up to simulate expected questions and answer schemes. Also, it is paramount you do not forget there are myriads of possible questions that were never asked before, including but not limited to, definitions, calculations, listing examples, and safety/environmental concerns.


Several things to note

  1. Errors in units or significant figures are not penalized, unless specifically required.
  2. A question asking for an equation for a reaction usually requires a balanced symbolequation.
  3. Missing or incorrect state symbols in an equation is usually ignored unless directedotherwise.


Chapter 1: Stoichiometric Relations

(a) Outline why a real gas differs from ideal behavior at low temperature and high pressure. [1]

✓ Finite volume of particles {requires adjustment to volume of gas}


Short-range attractive forces {overcomes low kinetic energy}


(b) Suggest why many chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, are kept in brown bottles instead of clear colorless bottles. [1]

✓ Decomposes in light

♣ “sensitive to light” is accepted



  • 총 페이지수: 47 pages
  • 과목명: Chemistry
  • 주제: IB Chemistry  Paper 2 시험 정리 자료
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IB Chemistry Paper 2 Model answers from All past papers and expected questions

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