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본 문서는 2020년에 IB Macro Economics 중 COVID-19 Relief Fund와 Fiscal Policy를 주제로 잡은 IA 입니다. 7점 받았기에, 도움 많이 되시리라 생각합니다.




S. Korea puts spurs to COVID-19 relief fund payment ahead of holiday

The Korea Herald

Published : Sept 23, 2020 – 17:23       Updated : Sept 23, 2020 – 17:23


The first batch of the emergency relief funds for the socially vulnerable will be handed out starting Thursday, following the National Assembly’s approval of the extra budget bill worth 7.8 trillion won ($6.7 billion), officials said Wednesday.

The government’s target timeline is to distribute 80 percent of the total budget, or 6.3 trillion won, ahead of the Chuseok holiday that is to start on Sept. 30.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance held an emergency fiscal status meeting in the morning, under the chairmanship of Vice Minister Ahn Il-hwan, to confirm the payment details of the disaster relief funds.

The meeting took place shortly after the fourth supplementary budget bill was approved by the parliament late on the previous day. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki had repeatedly urged for a speedy passage of the budget proposal, citing the approaching national holiday.


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IB Econ Macro IA_Fiscal Policy (7점)

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