IB Economics HL (Chapter 14 full notes)

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본 문서는 제가 직접 손으로 작성한 IB Economics HL Chapter 14 (International Economics) 입니다. 제가 가장 자신있어하는 과목 중 하나이며 제가 작성한 노트를 보고 공부하며 항상 시험에서 85-90% 이상의 점수를 받아왔습니다. 제 노트가 학생분들께 도움이 되시길 바랍니다.



Chapter 14
Exchange rates and the balance payments

14.1 Freely floating exchange rates
Introducing exchange rates
Demand and supply of foreign exchange
: international transactions involve the use of different national currencies, known as ‘foreign
exchange’. These national currencies are traded for each other in the foreign exchange market,
where individuals, firms, banks, other financial intuitions and governments buy and sell
currencies. The foreign exchange market is not a centralized meeting place, but involves any
location where one currency can be exchanged for another, and any individual or organization
that engages in the exchange of one currency for another
: the foreign exchange market, like any market, is made up of demand and supply of currencies
: the demand for foreign currencies generates a supply of domestic currency; and demand for
the domestic currency generates a supply of foreign currencies…


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IB Economics HL (Chapter 14 full notes)

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