IB Economics HL IA (2020) – International Economics (14/14)

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본 문서는 2020년도에 작성했던 Economics HL IA – International Economics Commentary 이며 점수는 만점을 받았습니다. 뉴스와 최종본을 올려드리니 뉴스를 그래프로 분석하는 방식, Commentary 에 필요한 내용과 표현 등 참고할 수 있는 내용이 많으니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.



There’s a Steak War Sizzling in Japan’s Lucrative Beef Market

While America’s cattle ranchers rejoice at Japan’s plans to slash tariffs on U.S. beef imports, their biggest rivals — Australian farmers — will be eager to ensure they’re not pushed out of the way.

At risk for Australia is Japan’s prized import beef market, which hit a record $3.3 billion in the year ended March thanks to the growing popularity of leaner cuts produced in the West. Australia and the U.S. are the biggest suppliers, with Aussie beef dominating at 51% of the market share compared to America’s 41%. Other suppliers include New Zealand, Canada and Mexico but their share in the market collectively remains under 10%.

“President Trump and his trade team have delivered another great victory for the U.S. beef industry by expanding market access to Japan, our top export market,” Jennifer Houston, president of the U.S. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, said in
a statement.

Meanwhile, Australia’s beef industry body expressed fears over their future prospects. “It’s a major concern,” said David Byard, chief executive officer for the Australian Beef Association. “This could turn out to be quite a problem.”


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  • 과목명: Economics
  • 주제: International Economics Commentary
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IB Economics HL IA (2020) – International Economics (14/14)

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