IB Economics HL IA – Microeconomics (Full marks)

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이 문서는 1.2: Elasticity, 1.3: Government Intervention, 1.4: Market Failure의 유닛에 기반하여 전기차 늘어난 수요와 공급가 세계의 휘발유 수요에 미치는 영향을 주제로 한 Microeconomics IA 입니다. IB 경제는 IA가 기초가 되므로 상당히 많은 공을 들였고 결국 IA 14점 만점의 만점을 받았으며 Economics IA의 매우 훌륭한 모범 예시입니다.



World petrol demand ‘likely to peak by 2030 as electric car sales rise’

Wood Mackenzie predicts global oil growth will plateau about 2035 – earlier than some previous forecasts

Adam Vaughan

Monday 16 October 2017 17.04 BST


World petrol demand will peak within 13 years thanks to the impact of electric cars and more efficient engines, energy experts have predicted. UK-based Wood Mackenzie said it expected the take-up of electric vehicles to cut gasoline demand significantly, particularly beyond 2025 as the battery-powered cars go mainstream.

Combined with car manufacturers forced by regulations to produce models that run further on the same amount of oil, a new report by the analysts suggests global gasoline demand is likely to peak by 2030.

The UK and France have recently said they will phase out sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. China, the world’s biggest car market, is mulling a similar move…


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  • 과목명: Economics
  • 주제: World petrol demand likely to peak by 2030 as electric car sales rise
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IB Economics HL IA – Microeconomics (Full marks)

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