IB Economics IA (Microeconomics) 7점/ 경제IA

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본 문서는 2020년 May Session에서 Economics SL IA 7점을 받은 Microeconomics IA 입니다.
Possible tax on plastic bags에 대해 명료하게 분석하였습니다. 참고하면 도움되실겁니다 🙂



Possible tax on plastic bags up for debate for Memphis city leaders

By: Greg Coy
Updated: Jan 17, 2019 – 12:03 PM


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A seven-cent tax on plastic bags could come up for a vote by the Memphis city council, but the plastic bag industry is pushing back.

FOX13 obtained a memo from the industry touting the benefits of those bags.

The timing of the document was deliberate to make council members think twice before they vote to enact a seven-cent tax on plastic bags. The plastic bag industry warned consumers the new tax on their product will not reduce blight and pollution as promised.

“Maybe incentive people to recycle, maybe incentive people to turn them back into the grocery store,” said Adrian Bond of Cassa Public Strategy, the company trying to get the city council not pass this tax on plastic bags.

The American Progressive Bag Alliance provided his firm a new two-page document with data that claims plastic bags cost less to make than paper ones.

The document also claims consumers would have to use paper, thicker plastic, and cotton bags ten to nearly 100 times before getting the benefit of one made from plastic.

“The impact that it will have to businesses could be to the tune of a typical grocery store, on average, several studies show, in excess of $60,000 to $80,000 and that cost is typically passed back down to the customer,” said Bond.

Councilperson Berlin Boyd’s staff sent FOX13 his talking points that stress that two cents out of the seven from the tax will go stores to offset the cost…


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IB Economics IA (Microeconomics) 7점/ 경제IA

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