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본 문서는 2019년 May Session에서 Economics HL IA 7점을 받은 Macroeconomics IA 입니다.
supply side policy, unemployment 등 macroeconomics 관련 개념에 대해 명료하게 분석하였습니다.



Spain Faces Stubbornly High unemployment Rate

Some 1.5 million more jobs are needed to regain the 2007 pre-crisis employment level

PUBLISHED Sep 17, 2017

The Spanish economy has recovered from a deep crisis and is growing at more than 3% for the third year running, but the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high at 17.2%, though well down on the peak of 27.1% in 2013.

Spain’s traditionally high jobless rate dropped to 8% in 2007 at the height of its boom, a level regarded as steep in other developed countries such as the US and UK. The recession that followed the bursting of a massive property bubble pushed the rate to 27% in 2013. Thanks to an economy growing at more than 3% for the third consecutive year (the pre-crisis GDP was not recovered in real terms until the second quarter of this year), the rate is down to 17%, analyst William Chislett commented for Eurasia review…


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  • 과목명: Economics
  • 주제: Unemployment
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IB Macroeconomics IA 7점

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