IB Math AA HL IA 7점 (19/20)

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본 문서는 2022년에 작성했던 HL Math AA IA이며 제목은 “Minimization of the Surface Area of a Plastic Water Bottle” 입니다. 학교 선생님께 20/20을 받았고 IBO에서는 19/20을 받아 최종 7점을 받았습니다.



Minimization of the Surface Area of a Plastic Water Bottle


1. Introduction and Rationale

Since I was young, going grocery shopping with my family was my favorite activity to do on the weekend. Not only could I try out a variety of food, but by comparing the prices and choosing the most cost-effective items, I always felt accomplished. However, as I became interested in environmental sciences after participating in Imagine Tomorrow Competition in high school, I started to pay close attention to the way food items were sold and realized how plastic packaging of food items is highly damaging to the environment. Since then, using plastic-packaged products has been my concern and going grocery shopping rather exacerbated my concern. In particular, despite the fact that water is one of the most purchased items in the supermarket, it is normally packaged with plastic and the accumulation of plastic when finished plastic water bottles are disposed of harms the environment. In fact, due to a resistant nature of chemicals involved in manufacturing plastic, such as PET, it takes around 450 years to completely decompose in the landfill.

In the process of researching different methods of reducing the amount of plastic used per water bottle, I encountered a 400 Evian plastic water bottle, called a “label-free bottle2”, which is the “latest innovation in packaging and sustainability2”. Because this bottle is “created using 100% recycled and recyclable plastic,2” the use of plastic is significantly reduced and also economically, the cost of production of each plastic bottle is reduced…


  • 총 페이지수: 20 pages
  • 과목명: Mathematics
  • 주제: Minimization of the Surface Area of a Plastic Water Bottle
  • The file is in PDF format.


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IB Math AA HL IA 7점 (19/20)

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