IB Microeconomics IA 7점

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본 문서는 2019년 May Session에서 Economics HL IA 7점을 받은Microeconomics IA 입니다.
cigarette tax에 대해 명료하게 분석하였습니다.



Government to impose 57 percent e-cigarette tax

The government will impose a 57 percent tax on electronic cigarettes, but its implementation has been postponed from July 1 to Oct. 1.

The Finance Ministry’s technical and excise director, Nugroho Wahyu, said selling e-liquid without the additional tax was still allowed until Oct. 1

“We cannot implement the regulation starting on July 1 because there are many users. We told the vendors they are allowed to sell e-liquid without the additional tax until Oct. 1,” Nugroho said in Jakarta on Tuesday as reported by tribunnews.com…


  • 총 페이지수: 4 pages
  • 과목명: Economics
  • 주제: Cigarette tax
  • The file is in PDF format. 


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IB Microeconomics IA 7점

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