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Math HL IA 18/20 Grade 7



Sports cars have been common dreams to most men around the world, I, also as a fellow man, love sports car. People get impressed at least two times with sports cars, first when they see the bodyline, second when they notice the extravagant price. However, as a mathematician and physicist, I have fresh perspective on sports cars. The mechanism of the car, especially the engine, has always attracted me to understand how cars move ever since I can remember. Naturally I conducted daily researches and found out information regarding different engines. As a result my initial interest in cars has further developed to an ever-growing interest in engines.

I have learned that there are different kinds of gasoline engines used on the car and I also found out that most of the sports car uses V8 engine.V8 refers to the engine structure with 8 cylinders placed in a V shape. Any engine, works by the torque, which is created by the explosion of mixture gas. The cylinder repeats compression and extension to ignite the mixture gas and therefore converting chemical energy into kinetic energy…


  • 총 페이지수: 17 pages
  • 과목: Mathematics
  • 주제: “What would be the energy created in 1 cc of explosion when the cylinder is compressed?”
  • The file is in Word format. 
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Math HL IA

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