MATH HL IA (Finding the best ANGLE for shooting basketball)

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Basketball is popular worldwide, invented by Dr. James Naismith in the United States of America (CS Odessa). The game is composed of two teams playing against each other, and each team involves five people playing on the court. Each half of the basketball court are identical to each other. The basic diagram of the basketball court is drawn below in Figure 1.

The main aim for this sport is to obtain points by scoring the ball into the basket. This means that players have to be accurate with their shots to keep up with the point. There are many types of
shooting involved in basketball to score points, and each shooting form have an optimal angle. Optimal angle is defined as the most preferred angle for the player to shoot in order to accurately and consistently score baskets. Players can score points by shooting a field goal worth two points within the three-point line, a field goal worth three points out of the three-point line, and a field goal worth a
point at the free-throw line.

One day, when I was practicing my free-throw shots in the gym, I asked these questions to myself: “What is the major difference between when I make the shot and miss the shot?” and “Why are the
professional basketball players so accurate and consistent with their shots, but why am I not as accurate and consistent compared to them?” After a while of deep consideration, I found out that the
major difference was in the shooting angle, as it is one of the main determinants of scoring. Different shooting angles could result in whether a player would successfully score a basket or not (see Figure 2). Furthermore, I have to be aware that shooting angle is different according to the height of the player, as each distinct height has its optimum shooting angle. Therefore, my aim for this investigation is to find out the most preferred angle for the player of a specific given height…


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  • 주제: Finding the best ANGLE for shooting basketball
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MATH HL IA (Finding the best ANGLE for shooting basketball)

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