Math IA HL Exemplar

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This IA was written for the 2021 IB examination. The paper holds a good balance of depth in mathematics and creativity, which is crucial for a high mark for an internal assessment.



Research Question
Is it mathematically possible to build an arch bridge of 55 kilometers in absence of supportive

Often, the surrounding scientific inventions are left obscured and taken for granted. I too
did not exactly know of the science behind bridges, one of the most widely relied civil
engineering model. My curiosity on the factors that play a role in building a sturdy bridge
sparked in one of my CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) activities, Science Club. Although it
started in an academic but more entertaining mini-competition, I was burning to know more.
To pursue this interest, I went on to do more research on bridges. Initially, my thought
was that intact bridges are easily as long as the forces are well spread. However, with just a bit of
research, it quickly brought me to a realization and appreciation for the complexity of the
development of bridges. Modern bridges are not only dependent on its material but also its
structural shape, thickness, length, and more.


  • 총 페이지수: 16 pages
  • 과목명: Mathematics
  • 주제: Mathematical Components of Arch Bridges
  • The file is in PDF format.
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Math IA HL Exemplar

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