Math SL IA: Crows Dropping Nuts

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Math SL Internal Assessment로 제출했던 과제입니당!!

MS Excel하고 Graphmatica를 사용했었어요ㅎㅎ



The aim of this assignment is to find an appropriate function model for the data in Table 1.1. By using technology, I will plot the data points on a graph and determine what kind of functions models the behavior of the graph. Afterwards, I will create two models that fit the graph best and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. In order to creating models, I will repeat guess and check process which is about changing the parameters and graphing the obtained results. I will use my mathematical knowledge about transformations of curves so that I can change the parameters of the models to fit the given data best. Microsoft Excel and Graphmatica were used throughout the investigation.

Part 1

Crows love nuts but their beaks are not strong enough to break some nuts open. In order to crack open the shells, they will repeatedly drop the nut on a hard surface until it opens. The table below shows the average number of drops to break open a large nut from various heights…


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  • 주제: Crows Dropping Nuts
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Math SL IA: Crows Dropping Nuts

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