May 2022 만점 받은 Economics IA

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May 2022 작년 5월 시험에 사용된, IB 채점관인 선생님한테도 7점을 받고, 실제 IB moderation 후에도 7점이 나온 경제 IA입니다. 2022년 5월부터 새로 개정된 커리큘럼에 맞춰서 쓰인 IA이고, 제가 정말 오랜기간동안 공들여서 쓴 만큼 분석, 평가, 그래프, 내용 모든 면에서 거의 완벽하다고 치부할 수 있습니다.

흠없고 간결하게 쓰려고 몇십번씩 고안하고 수정한 에세이기에 IA를 어떻게 써야할지 감을 못잡은 학생들도 제 IA를 보면 아 이렇게 쓰는거구나라고 이해하고 방향을 잡을 수 있을것이라고 생각합니다.



Minimum Unit Pricing on alcohol comes into force in Wales

Shoppers in Wales will have to pay more for cheap alcoholic drinks like cider and beer as Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) officially comes into force.


From today (2 March), bars and retailers will need to charge a minimum of 50p per unit of alcohol sold. A unit of is 10ml of pure alcohol, so the tax will have a greater effect on low priced drinks with comparatively high ABVs, such as so-called white cider or cheap spirits.

The new law means that a standard pint of beer or cider cannot be sold for less than £1.25, while the minimum price of a bottle of wine will be around £5. A bottle of gin or vodka, meanwhile, will have a minimum mark-up of £13, as a typical 70cl bottle contains around 26 units.

“Anyone would be hard pressed to find a pub in Wales selling alcohol that cheaply, but that’s the point. MUP has not been designed to bring an end to pubs or socialising,” health minister Vaughan Gething said.

Gething said the regulations are not meant to target pubs and bars, but it is hoped the pricing structure will curb “heavy drinking amongst people who are putting themselves at a serious risk of acute alcohol-related illnesses, such as cancers, strokes, heart disease, liver disease and brain damage.” There were 535 alcohol-related deaths in Wales in 2018, according to Gething, while it is also estimated that alcohol-related issues cost the NHS upwards of £159 million each year…


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May 2022 만점 받은 Economics IA

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