November 2022 Math AI HL 19/20

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본 문서는 2022년도 November 졸업한 Math AI HL IA이며, 주제는 “What is the best speed at which I should shoot a free throw in basketball?”입니다. 논문 토픽은 미적분과 벡터를 활용한 분석입니다.





2.2.Introducing the Drag Force

I believe air resistance, and hence drag force, is the most important of the forces acting on the ball in ball game. It was my first task to understand the drag force and learn how to measure the drag coefficient for a basketball.

Drag force, by definition, is the force acting opposite to the motion of an object that is exerted due to the fluid in which the object travels. In this case, the fluid is obviously air, which is why we can call drag and air resistance interchangeably. According to NASA, drag force can be computed using the drag equation below, and is proportional to the velocity squared, which is another reason I thought drag force is an important force to include.

The following equation also makes some sense to me because each elements seems relevant to the air resistance. For instance, the higher the air density, we can easily imagine the higher the air resistance. Likewise, the faster the ball moves, the stronger the air resistance would be. And the bigger the object is, the bigger the area to which air directly moves in the opposite direction…


  • 총 페이지수:  23 pages
  • 과목명: Mathematics
  • 주제: What is the best speed at which I should shoot a free throw in basketball?
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November 2022 Math AI HL 19/20

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