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S2: Allow me to begin with a real-life situation. The study from Stanford University in 2017 found that a computer algorithm could accurately predict the sexuality of people by analyzing their facial features. The artificial intelligence was successful about 91% of the time, unleashing wide-ranging potential of facial recognition technology to identify personality traits from analyzing facial features, such as detecting aggression levels and preventing future crimes. However, the development of this ‘gaydar’ technology has also raised serious ethical questions among the LGBTQ community. Some are concerned that governments oppressive to sexual minorities might exploit this technology to gather data about people’s sexualtiy without their consent…


  • 총 페이지수: 3 pages
  • 과목: TOK
  • 주제: To what extent can we have a moral obligation to share knowledge?
  • The file is in Word format.
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TOK 발표 스크립트 A

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