TOK Essay (A) – 2020 November session

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본 문서는 2020 November session때 제출한 TOK Essay이며 Essay Title은 “The process of gaining knowledge is more valuable than reaching an end result.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge.”이었습니다.
Essay에서는 10점 만점 중 9점을 받았으며 프레젠테이션과 합한 TOK 최종 점수 또한 A로 이수했습니다.
IB 디플로마에서 6개의 아카데믹 과목에서 성적을 잘 받는것도 굉장히 중요하지만 고득점을 노리는 학생이라면 TOK의 중요성도 무시할 수 없다고 생각합니다. 또한 TOK의 최종 성적에서는 에세이가 차지하는 비중이 3분의 2이기 때문에 프레젠테이션에서 좋은 성적을 받지 못했다면 에세이에서 고득점을 받아 얼마든지 최종 성적에서도 만회할 수 있는 기회가 있습니다.
IB에서 고득점을 노리는 학생분들, 또는 프레젠테이션에서 좋은 결과를 얻지 못해 에세이에서 점수 만회를 노리고 계시는 학생분들이라면 얼마든지 자료를 참고하셔서 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다.



Historically, human beings have been learning and educating themselves through various ways to gain knowledge in different academic fields. Gaining knowledge is not universally defined but can be defined as “obtaining the information, understanding and skills through education or experience”. Even if the ways that we acquire knowledge might differ for every individual, it is true that knowledge acquisition involves both a process and an outcome. Process is a series of things that are done to achieve a particular result2 and can be multifariously formed depending on different areas of knowledge. Living in a result-oriented social climate, we humans tend to overlook the importance and value of process. In response to the claim that the process of gaining knowledge is more valuable than reaching an end result, I conditionally agree with this title. This allows me to develop this knowledge question: How is acquisition of knowledge more valuable than the knowledge itself? Generally, the process of acquiring scientific laws or theorems can be considered more valuable if it stimulates the new ways of thinking or results in the production of other multiple theorems. Conversely, if established laws or theorems as form of outcomes attribute to an advancement of other theorems or laws, the end result can be seen more valuable than the process of gaining that knowledge. To some extent, the Natural Sciences heavily rely on the inductive reasoning process of experimentation and observation as empirical evidence rather than emphasizing the outcome. In contrast, Mathematics tends to be rather theory-based since mathematical formulas and theories are inherently utilized as forms of the end result more frequently than the proof or evidence which are using deduction.

Inherently, physics is one branch in the Natural Sciences that derives general principles of nature from specific instances, which can be perceived as process oriented. Then, to what extent can the process be more valuable than an end result in physics?


  • 총 페이지수: 6 pages
  • 과목명: TOK (Theory of Knowledge)
  • 주제: The process of gaining knowledge is more valuable than reaching an end result
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TOK Essay (A) – 2020 November session

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