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저희 학교에서는 실제 TOK Essay를 작성하기 전, 비슷한 prompt들을 가지고 학교 내신 용으로 에세이를 쓰는 과제가 있었습니다. Prompt도 실제 아이비에서 제시하는 prompt들과 굉장히 유사하고 글의 전개 방식도 동일하기 때문에 이러한 학교의 과제는 제 실제 TOK Essay 작성에도 큰 도움이 되었습니다.

학교에 essay에서 제가 사용한 prompt는 “Why do Experts Disagree Given Access to the Same Set of Facts?”이고 제가 사용한 두 AoK는 history and art입니다.

이 에세이는 9/10점으로 학교 성적 A*을 받았습니다.



Prompt: Why do experts disagree given access to the same set of facts?

“There are as many opinions as there are experts,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt. Experts are people whose personal knowledge encompasses the shared knowledge of the ‘common’
others. They are the people who form what we know as ‘facts,’ yet they themselves often disagree upon these. This prompt can be analyzed in two areas of knowledge: history and art. Because history bases itself on individuals’ perceptions, it allows room for cultural bias and different interpretations, manipulating experts’ perceptions. However, there are still areas of consensus through falsification despite the dispute generated by cultural filters. Conversely, society forms ethics and morals which manipulate the view of experts in assessing art. Despite these manipulations, art still allows room for rationales and logic as there are widely tolerized standards for evaluating art, generating a consensus. I believe historical experts disagree as the facts in history are largely based on one’s perception and is prone to bias. The same goes for art as it is highly influenced by the differing ethics and morals of an era.

As Winston Churchill’s quote goes, “History is written by victors,” historical facts are highly dependent on one’s perception of the event. Truth in history is largely impacted by the biased perceptions of historians. These perceptions are rooted from the identity and cultural background that each historian possesses, making disagreement between experts in history inevitable. This means absolute truth cannot be easily reached because all facts that occurred are exploited and interpreted according to the experts’ perception. The main dispute between the Korean and Japanese historians over the Dokdo island issue is generated from the murkiness of the San Francisco Treaty. The designation of Dokdo’s sovereignty had changed between the drafts of the treaty, and in the final draft, it is stated that “Japan recognizes Korea’s independence, and gives up all rights, titles, and claims to Korea, including Jeju Island, Geomundo and Ulleungdo.” Lee Sang-Tae, the chair professor of the Graduate School of International Culture argues that “this is not a list of all the islands separated from Japan, and this is evident because Korean islands are not just Jeju Island, Geomundo, and Ulleungdo, so Dokdo is Korean territory included in the returned islands.”


  • 총 페이지수: 7 pages
  • 과목명: Theory of Knowledge
  • 주제: Why do Experts Disagree Given Access to the Same Set of Facts?
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TOK Essay (School Summative ver)

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