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제 Knowledge question 은 To what extent does ‘the end justify the means’ in ethical decisions? 입니다.
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Ethical decisions. There has always been a controversy when making ethical decisions. We always fall into a dilemma when we make judgements about what is right or wrong.

Now, what do you guys think if you found someone torturing others? Obviously, it is morally wrong. But, what about the torture was towards criminals?


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Like Magnus Gafgen? Magnus Gafgen is a German child murderer, who was arrested for the murder of 11-year-old child. He kidnapped Jakob in order to blackmail his parents, but killed him in his apartment. Gafgen then demanded one million euro in ransom from Jakob’s family. He was observed by the police when he picked up the ransom. He still didn’t release his victim, and after a few hours, he was arrested.


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After being threatened with torture by police, he confessed that he killed his victim and told where the body was. Due to the use of torture, the police could return the body of Jakob to his family and let them say the last farewell to the child. In this case, the torture led to a good consequence. Then, can the use of torture be justified? It was hard for me find the correct answer. And this real life situation led me to the question…


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“To what extent does the end justify the means in ethical decisions?”

This falls in to the Ethics (AOK), and major ways of knowing are emotion and reason…


  • 총 페이지수: 6 pages
  • 과목: TOK
  • 주제: To what extent does ‘the end justify the means’ in ethical decisions?
  • The file is in Word format.
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