UCAS 자기소개서 (UCL, KCL, Nottingham 약대 합격 자소서)

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본 문서는 2022년도 영국 입시를 위해 작성했던 자기소개서입니다. University College London, Kings College London 과 University of Nottingham의 Pharmacy 전공으로 합격하였고 Oxford 화학 전공에서 UCAS Grade 7점 만점에 7점을 받았습니다. 그만큼 열심히 쓴 자기소개서입니다!



In middle school, I saw a friend suffer from epileptic seizures. At the time, there was no effective cure for his condition. Recently, reading about SK Biopharma’s development of an anti-epilepsy drug – Cenobamate – which alters electrical activity in neurons by affecting ion channels in cell membranes, made me realise the power of medication on suffering patients…


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  • 분야: 자기소개서
  • 주제: UCAS 자기소개서 (UCL, KCL, Nottingham 약대 합격 자소서)
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UCAS 자기소개서 (UCL, KCL, Nottingham 약대 합격 자소서)

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